Monthly Archive: February 2017

grass 0

Cities Skylines – Grass cluster

Grass cluster its square and its low poly. USE the pencil brush and copy by pdelmo Move it, by SamsamTS Random tree rotation, by boformer Tree brush. Prop & Tree Anarchy BY BLOODYPENGUIN Required...

random-tree-rotation 0

Cities Skylines – Random Tree Rotation

All instances of a tree in Cities: Skyline are rotated in the same way, which looks very unnatural. That is a technical limitation[] which is caused by the technology that is used the render...

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Cities Skylines – Network Extensions 2

If you are subscribing to this mod and see only ‘812125426’ show up in the content manager, unsub this mod, unsub network extensions V1, then go to C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent255710 and delete folders called...