Monthly Archive: September 2016


Mafia 2 – Free Ride Ultimate

The Friends for Life mod (known on Strategy Informer as the “Free Ride Ultimate” mod) is the most complex Mafia II free ride mod ever made. The mod’s creators patched large amounts of cut content...


Mafia 2 – Joe’s Adventures Free Ride

The Joe’s Adventures Free Ride mod enables hidden debug options, allows players to visit debug stages, and grants players access to some cut locations. By pressing the “menu” button when the prompt appears on the...


Fallout 4 – NanoArmor 2.0 AWKCR_AE patch

This patch was built by deconstructing Gambit77’s Armorsmith Protypes Extended patch and with reference to the tutorials and forum posts that he has generously provided. I couldn’t have made this without the work done...


Fallout 4 – The G.I.Joe Action Pack

This is a set of armors inspired by the classic 80’s-90’s cartoon show GIJoe. All the armors and a few accessories (various hats/helmets and a black colored Bandolier, mainly for SnakeEyes) are craft-able at...