Cities: Skylines – Taiwan Bus & Capital Bus

Taiwan bus – Capital bus for Cities: Skylines. Capital is a passenger transporter serving in some cities in Taiwan. This vehicle was modified using jaijai’s KV290Q bus. In reality,Capital has never used this bus. This…

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Cities: Skylines – Renault Agora

Renault Agora €3 for Cities: Skylines. Renault Agora €3 2001-2005 3 Doors Line Colored Capacity: 50 Passengers Support left hand drive

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Cities: Skylines – Tatra KT4D (Tram) (Line Colored)

Tatra KT4D (Tram) (line colored) for Cities: Skylines. I tried my best to get one of my favorite trams on the streets and I think I did well. The blue part is line colored. The…

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Cities: Skylines – Quasi Roundabout T

Quasi Roundabout T for Cities: Skylines. This is a very compact T interchange for highways that has, nevertheless, a reasonably high capacity. The main highway is elevated at 12 m, while the third exit is…

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Cities: Skylines – Star Wars: X Wing Park

Star Wars: X Wing Park for Cities: Skylines. Remember one of the most important vehicles in the down fall of the Galactic Empire in your own city with this X Wing Memorial Park

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Cities: Skylines – Peugeot 508 TaxiBcn

Peugeot 508 TaxiBcn for Cities: Skylines. The Peugeot 508 is a D-segment passenger car produced by the French automaker Peugeot since the first half of 2011. It is manufactured in France, and in China for…

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Cities: Skylines – Western Coast

Western Coast for Cities: Skylines. This is my first theme, it was based on a West North American kind of climate (not a specific place), inspired by California & Colorado, somewhere Warm & Dry but…

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Cities: Skylines – Brazilian Water Tank

Brazilian Water Tank for Cities: Skylines. Very popular in Brazilian suburbs, with this prop you can add to your growables and feels on the skin what is like to depend on water. (1000 Liters) Tris:…

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