Category: Transport Fever


Transport Fever – DMA – Vans

DMA – Vans truck mod for Transport Fever. Description: Mod with five Citroen and Peugeot vans for cargo. Vehicle type: Van Vehicle engine: Diesel Max speed: 160 to 165 km/h Power: 59 to 110...


Transport Fever – K-1 tram

K-1 tram for Transport Fever. Mod Steam Link. rice: 393k; Available: с 2001 до 2050; Capacity: 30; Top speed: 65 kmh; Weight: 19 t; Power: 185 kW; Maintenance: 65,6k; Lifespan: 22 yers.  


Transport Fever – Tatra T6B5

Tatra T6B5 for Transport Fever. Mod Steam Link. V 1.3: Crash problem is FIXED! V 1.4: Sound set updated! Being the most perfect Tatra tram, T6B5 was the first serial electronic tram vehicle, built...


Transport Fever – Tatra T3 Tram

Tatra T3 Tram for Transport Fever. Mod Steam Link. The most numerous tram car in history (except soviet KTM-5, but who cares?), Tatra T3 was built in Czechoslovenian capital, Praha, from 1962 to 1989...